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“Green Bakery” - Καφέ Μπιστρό

Στην όμορφη Πάργα και στην οδό Σπ. Λιβαδά 40 σας περιμένει το "The Green Bakery" - Cafe Bistrot "Breakfast Land" για να σας προσφέρει γευστικά προϊόντα άρτου και τα καλύτερα πρωινά της περιοχής. Μπορείτε να απολαύσετε τα αγαπημένα σας πρωινά στην αυλή μας, κάτω από τη δροσερή σκιά της κληματαριάς.
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“Green Bakery” - Cafe & Bistrot

In beautiful Parga and on 40 Spirou Livada St, the family run business "The Green Bakery" - Cafe Bistrot "Breakfast Land" awaits your visit, to offer the most delicious bread products and the best breakfast in the region. You can enjoy your favorite breakfast in the yard, under the cool shade of the arbor.

About Parga

The beautiful coastal town of Parga, with its narrow streets under the Venetian castle, is located 60 km. north - western of Preveza and 50 km. south - eastern of Igoumenitsa. The town of Parga is amphitheatrically built next to the Ionian Sea. Parga is visited by a large number of visitors every year, both from Greece and and from abroad - it is a well known destination.